Festival Weddings

Festival weddings are a wonderful way of bringing all your family and friends together for a weekend of fun and celebration. Whether you have your own site or want to use one of our field venues we can be on hand to assist with all of the arrangements.

Festival weddings are fun to organise. Being less formal, you can play around with the layout to get a great arrangement that will work for the whole weekend. We can create a venue with separate ceremony, dining and dance and chill out marquees!

With a field venue it is like that you will need toilets and generators and if guests are camping or glamping on site then showers and additional toilets may be required.  We can make arrangements for the sub hire or this equipment through our extensive supplier contacts in the South West.  When it comes to installation of the various services, we will liaise with suppliers, manage the installations and ensure that your venue is fully up and running and ready for guests.

A quite a few of our field venues are more than happy for guests to camp on site, for an additional small fee. Tents & campers are fine. However, we can arrange fully furnished bell tents if you fancy a bit of glamping!

If you and your wedding guests are going to be together for a couple of days you might want to think about some fun games to bring everyone together and get everyone mixing.  Take a look at our blog on why we think have some fun outdoor games is such a great idea.

So why celebrate for just one day, make a full weekend of it!

Further information

Theming A Festival Wedding

You can do as little or as much as you want when it comes to themeing your festival wedding.  So how do you get that boho wedding vibe…take a look at a few of our ideas.

Instead of invitations send festival style tickets to guests.

On the day you could also provide guests with festival style personalised wristbands.

Signage is a great way to get that festival feel.  Direct guests to the ceremony, chillout, camping, toilets with festival style signage.

Decorate with festoon lighting, bunting, ribbons and flowers to create a lovely festival atmosphere.

Add a glitter and face painting bar so that all your guests can get involved with a bit of festival style body glitter!

Firepits are a great way to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere.

Catering for Festival Weddings

Like all marquee weddings it is up to you to choose the style of catering you would like and festival weddings are no different.

You might still like to choose a table service menu with more of a festival theme.  Alternatively you can opt for BBQs, Hog Roasts or festival style catering vans and where the choice of foods is endless.  From falaffels, paellas, curries, burgers and pizzas you can choose from a range of foods from around the world!

Anyone feeling hungry right now?

Additional Hires to Style Your Day

You may want to incorporate additional props or furniture to give your venue a bit more of a festival feel.  We have large array of supplier contacts from local farmers to supply hay bales to more specialist companies who have an amazing array of outdoor games, seating and festival style props.

So whatever you want to add to your day we can either source items for you, or point you direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Festival Weddings take more organsing?

Not really, it might take a little bit more thinking through as to how you want the layout to work for you.  But essentially the list of ‘to dos’ is fairly similar as any other wedding.  We can assist with additional services, should you need them, like camping toilets, showers.  So really you can focus on all the fun stuff, like the decorating, music and choosing what you are going to eat!

We would like a live band is that a problem?

Not at all, music is allowed!  It is a wedding so of course you want to party and celebrate.

Check with your venue if there is a cut off time for music, as most venues will have one.  At some of our field sites, there is a cut of time for music, but then they will allow a silent disco afterwards.

Can we use the marquee all weekend?

Yes, our hire is for the weekend with most weddings taking place on Saturdays.  However, you will still be able to use the marquee on the Sunday too, enabling you to enjoy chilling out with family/friends and making the most of the weekend.

During a site visit we will chat through your ideas and talk about when we will install and take down the marquees.  At this stage we will be able to make sure that we schedule timings to allow you to get in and decorate and add all the finishing touches.

Can I have my wedding ceremony in a marquee?

At the present time you can’t get legally married in a marquee.  However, many brides and grooms choose to do the legal ceremony before the wedding day and then have their official ceremony in the marquee or outside if weather allows on the day of their wedding.