Wedding Tables – Round or Trestle, that is the question!

It might seem funny to write about wedding tables, however, is quite an integral part of your wedding marquee.  It has an impact on how your marquee will look and your guests mingle.

What sort of wedding tables layout works in the space?

In a marquee, its quite easy, as you should have a suitable size space for the number of guests.  In a frame marquee it is even easier as you don’t need to negotiate internal poles. This means ythere are no restrictions as to where you put a dance floor or dining tables.  First consideration is whether you want round tables or trestle tables, in long rows of smaller groups.

Round wedding tables. We generally use 5’6″ round tables which seat ten people. Although you can have 6′ rounds (seating up to 12 people) or 5′ rounds (seating up to 8 people).  Round tables enable all guests to chat together.  This is great whether you have a group of close friends or are gathering people that perhaps haven’t met before. Just one thing to think about if you want the table conversation to flow; avoid large, tall, bushy table displays which look fantastic but mean the guests can’t see who is on the other side of the table. They can inadvertently be a conversation stopper!

Tables - roundWedding Decor for Marquee

Credit: Mark Shaw Photography

Trestle wedding tables.  Trestles (6′ x 3′) are used to sit six people, three along each side. They can be used singularly or for banquet style dining, placed end to end in twos, threes or more. Trestles are really adaptable and can be set up in different arrangements and look really stylish with decorations running the length of the tables. However, they are possibly a little less sociable as you don’t have the ability to chat with as many people, especially if you are sat on the end of a run of tables.

Tables - trestles

Festoon Marquee Lighting

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Both trestles and round tables need to have tablecloths.  The exception is our new rustic wooden trestles which have a fantastic thick wooden top, white legs and look great!


Rustic Trestle Tables

Credit: Jason Yeoman Photography

Do you have a top wedding table?

It’s up to you! When you think of a top table, it’s usually a long table with seating just on one side. We offer an oval table which allows those seated on the rounded ends to chat more easily. A long top table means that you can see all your friends and family gathered and interact with them a little during dinner. Alternatively you can use a round table, which is less formal and allows the bride and groom to chat with all those on the top table.

Wedding Top Table

Credit: Emma Barrow

Who do you sit with who?

When you are gathering a group of friends and family, inevitably there is a bit of shuffling around when it comes to seating arrangements.  Try not to get to bogged down with it, generally keep couples together and mix people up a bit, try to put at least a couple of people, who know each other, on each table – it helps get guest chatting.



So whatever your ideas for your special day, have a think about how you want to use the space and what wedding tables work best for you.

For information and advice on arranging a marquee wedding take a look at our blog ‘Marquee Weddings – is there a lot to arrange’, ‘Decorating Your Wedding Marquee – tips and ideas’ or for more information on marquee hire in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset visit Hatch Marquee Hire, specialists in wedding marquees.

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