What Makes a Wedding Marquee Perfect?

There are so many options when it comes to wedding marquees, that’s what makes them so unique to each client and we love helping you bring your dream day to life.   We wanted to put together just some of the options you could have, when deciding what you want for your big day to try and give you ideas.

The “this or that” poll on Instagram stories became very popular in 2022 and it’s a great way to see what people prefer and get the results back to you.

We put the poll up over a few weeks to get feedback from some of our followers on Instagram and the results are a great way to see what people prefer. It’s important to remember there are no right or wrong answers, because each marquee is different, it brings your ideas to life.  Get in touch if your stuck on ideas, I’m sure we will be able to help.


As you know we do hire a range of chairs for your wedding marquee and in our recent “this or that” poll on Instagram, here are the results:

Cross-back chair chairs – 66%
Limewash Chiavari chairs – 34%
Natural wooden banqueting – 54%
Wooden folding chairs – 46%
White folding chairs – 62%
Wooden Folding – 38%


Most weddings, celebrations, events or corporate entertainment involve refreshments, so bar hire will probably be something that you will be considering.  We have a range of bars available to hire for your event. Take a look below at what bars are your favourites.

Oak Barrel Bar – 42%
Rustic Metal Bar – 58%
Rustic Metal Bar – 47 %
Rustic Bar – 53%
Straight Zip Bar – 41%
Round Zip Bar –59%


Round tables or long trestle tables? The question we get asked a lot, but it is up to you!  It has an impact on how your marquee will look and your guests mingle. A lot of people find round tables more social but long trestle tables might look better.  Take a look on our blog about wedding tables for more information:https://www.southwestmarqueehire.co.uk/wedding-tables/

Round Tables – 50%
Trestle Tables – 50%


If you are trying to decide if you want your wedding marquee at a field with spectacular views or a venue which offers more, than take a look at what our Instagram followers prefer:

Field – 72%
Venue – 28%


What views are you after for your big day?  Take a look on our “Marquee Venues” page which includes beautiful sites and venues all over Devon & Cornwall

Coastal views – 74%
Country Views – 26%


Where would you decide on having your ceremony? Lucky for you, we can accommodate both.

Outside Ceremony – 67%
Indoor Ceremony – 33%


Whether you have chosen to have a floor or not, both of our carpets do look beautiful.  Don’t forget we can also do any colour carpet you require, but most weddings do go for the champagne carpet on top of the wooden floor. Or if your lucky enough and the site is flat we can lay our beige carpet straight down.

Champagne Carpet – 60%
Beige Carpet – 40%

Dance Floor

We have a choice of black & white dancefloors or wooden dancefloors. What would you choose?

Black & White dancefloor – 38%
Wooden dancefloor – 78%


What colours would you choose for your flowers? We have seen the bright colourful flowers a lot throughout the weddings in 2022.

Bright Flowers – 50%
Blush Flowers –  50%

Hanging Flowers

How would you decorate your loft space in your marquee? Our followers couldn’t decide either…

  Floral Planks – 50%
Floral Rings – 50%

Colour Theme

What colours would you choose to decorate your marquee? You could keep the theme going throughout your wedding including, bridesmaids dresses table décor.

Colourful – 16%
Green – 84%

Decorating a marquee

We really recommend using the lofty roof space for decorating your wedding marquee. Use hanging decorations, to add atmosphere and colour.

Bunting – 26%
Garland – 74%

Outside Space

We think outdoor wedding games & a firepit with haybales can be a great additional to your marquee wedding.  It makes sense that you want to be outside and enjoying your surroundings.

Games – 32%
Firepit – 68%

Outside Games

Whilst you’re having some post ceremony photographs your guests can enjoy a welcome drink and an outdoor game or two.  You can relax knowing that whilst you have time together, your guests will be happily entertained.

 Sack Race – 21%
Rounders – 79%

Evening Entertainment

What would you choose for your evening entertainment?  If you are planning to party the night away then you will also need to choose a band or DJ. There is a huge choice available and if you don’t have a band in mind, perhaps go and see a few gigs and have fun doing the research!

DJ – 34%
Band – 66%

Evening Entertainment

Fancy doing something special for the night time? Just before the photographer leaves, why not get everyone outside for sparklers or smoke bombs? When you receive the photos from the evening, you wont regret it!

Sparklers – 63%
Smoke Bombs – 37%


Whatever you choose, they are both beautiful!

Pleated linings – 53%
Flat linings – 47%

Marquee Ends

We supply clear roof rounded ends to our marquees which can be positioned as an additional space on the side of a marquee (we call this a reception bubble!). Alternatively, you can create a more contemporary twist on a lined marquee by adding a clear gable end. It is a great way of allowing more light into your marquee and again taking in your surroundings.

Rounded End – 68%
Straight End – 32%

Marquee Roofs

Fully clear roof marquees look amazing both inside and out and can definitely create a ‘wow’ factor. However we can combine both clear and white roofs. This can be a good way of defining different spaces within a marquee. For instance, you can have a lined marquee over your dining area and clear roof over the reception /bar areas or dancefloors – perfect for dancing the night away under the stars!

Clear Roof – 59%
Lined Roof – 41%

Marquee Roof Space

Don’t forget about this awesome space to create something special. Get creative!

Paper Lanterns – 6%
Hanging Florals – 94%


After the ceremony when all family and friends get together for a drink to celebrate your wedding, whether you choose a bubble reception or in the main marquee, you will love seeing all your favourite people celebrating together.

Bubble Reception – 48%
Clear roof reception – 52%

Lights Inside Your Marquee

Fairy Lights: can be used behind the roof linings to give a pretty romantic look – these look great day and night. Festoon Lighting: traditional large bulb lights can be strung in the roof space below the marquee linings on a dimmer switch.  By day or night it adds atmosphere and works really well with flat marquee linings as shown below.

Festoon Lights – 35%
Fairy Lights – 65%

Lights Outside Your Marquee

Don’t forget to think about lighting outside your marquee, for both practical and decorative reasons. You can really add to the ambiance by lighting an outdoor area or help welcome evening guests by lighting a pathway.

  Festoon Lights – 73%
Fairy Lights – 27%

Table Plans

Where are you going to sit all your guests? Inspiration below for you to think about how you’re going to display your guests on your special day.  Don’t forget we have easel boards we hire out.

Surfboard Table Plan – 9%
Find Your Face – 91%
Easel Board – 58%
Unique – 42%

To find out more about hiring a wedding marquee from Hatch Marquee Hire, just complete our contact form. We will then send you some further information on marquee hire in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or West Dorset to get you started.  Happy Planning!

For even more ideas on decorating wedding marquees take a look at our pinterest  pages – there are a load of photos just waiting to inspire you!

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