10 Reasons Why You Should Have A Marquee Wedding

If you can’t decide between a marquee wedding and a more traditional venue, then read on. Here are 10 reasons why a marquee makes such a great venue for your wedding day.

Clear Roof Wedding Marquee

1. You get to choose your venue.

All you need for a marquee wedding is a bit of space! This could be at home, whether that is your own or a parents, but if there isn’t room there are plenty more options.  Field marquee sites have grown in popularity over recent years and the best have something extra to offer, such as spectacular coastal or country views. When looking for a field location many people also head for a special location that holds fond memories, perhaps where they holidayed as children of first visited as a couple.

Take a look at our marquee venue sites in Devon and Cornwall , you might find exactly what you are looking for!  .  Because we know what works well, we don’t take on sites which we think don’t offer our clients something really unique. There are also lots of established wedding venues which use marquees to host receptions. In addition they often have accommodation available as well.  This means you get to spend the whole weekend with the people you love the most!

Blackpool Sands - Courtesy of Rickie Staple 14

2. You get to design a marquee that suits your day.

You get to be involved in creating a space that suits your ideas for your day.  Choose a marquee company that enables you to be part of the design process so you get a marquee layout that makes the very best of your location, day and night.
Wedding Marquee - Hatch Marquee Hire
Wedding Marquee

3. Your marquee is built especially for you.

No two marquee weddings are quite the same. Your marquee is built for you making it completely unique for your wedding day!
 Marquee Hire Devon


 Marquee Hire Cornwall

4. You get to take advantage of a view – bring the outside in.

Marquees enable you to be within touching distance of your surroundings. So if you have a lovely view, don’t miss out, make sure you can see it all day!  Frame marquees are particularly good as they can be supplied with clear window walls and clear roofs, which means that you still see that fabulous view when you are inside the marquee as well.

Clear Roof Marquee - Cornwall Marquee Venue


Bantham Bash Wedding Venue

5. A marquee is a blank canvas to create your own theme from start to finish!

Of course one of the major advantages of a marquee is that you can pick and choose your themes and colours as you don’t have to work with existing decors.  You can choose a modern style, classic, country, vintage or beach themes…the list is endless. Get creative and enjoy!

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Clear Roof Marquee - Hatch Marquee Hire


Marquee Hire Devon - Hatch Marquee Hire

6. Less restrictions on the number of guests.

You get to choose your guest numbers with a marquee.  Whilst you do need to make sure that you have got the right size structure to accommodate everyone, essentially it is up to you how it works. So formal or informal, whatever your day or evening guest numbers a marquee is a flexible room which can be created in a size to fit your celebration!

Beautiful Summer Wedding Marquee

7. Enables you to work within your budget.

Whether you have a generous budget of not, a marquee wedding gives you greater flexibility to work within your price range. You get to choose your venue, marquee and decor, caterers, menu, bar and florist; there are a great range of suppliers for all budgets. Of course, if you want to take on some of the catering, table decorations, celebration drinks then you can…there are no restrictions!

8. You get to choose your own caterer.

Being able to select your caterer means that you get to choose exactly what you want to eat.  From hog roasts, pizza ovens to gourmet fine dining the choice is yours. There is such an fantastic range of event caterers that do an amazing job. Furthermore they use local food producers to prepare high quality food to suit all tastes and budgets. You will be in for a treat!  Do a bit of research and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

Wedding Catering

9. You don’t have to follow tradition.

Marquees are great if you want to do your own thing.  If you want to break free from the norm and not follow the traditional wedding day format ,do it! It really is up to you.

10. You get to choose your finish time!

Nobody wants the part to end too early and, within reason, you can decide the finish time. So make sure you have some good sounds sorted to ensure that everyone is up dancing!

Clear Roof Marquee - Hatch Marquee Hire


Wedding Marquee Hire Devon

So, if you want your guests to have this much fun at your celebrations, then come and talk to one of the team at Hatch Marquee Hire!


For information and advice on arranging a marquee wedding take a look at our blog ‘Marquee Weddings – is there a lot to arrange’, ‘Decorating Your Wedding Marquee – tips and ideas’ or for more information on marquee hire in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset visit Hatch Marquee Hire, specialists in wedding marquees.

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