5 Top Tips For Starting Your Wedding Preparations

If you have just got engaged, Congratulations! Now the fun starts, with your wedding preparations, and you both probably have some ideas about how you want your day to look and feel. Here’s our guide to getting your plans underway and not getting to bogged down with the detail to begin with.

Wedding To Do List
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Make a Wedding ‘To Do’ List

Create a list of everything you need to do and from that, in time, make some sub lists (yes, we love a list!). There is a lot to consider and organise but don’t let it feel overwhelming. Do your list making together and then you can choose which items of your wedding preparations to do together and which to do individually. Prioritise the important things and tick off items once they are done and that way you can see the progress you are making with your wedding preparations!

Wedding Preparation List

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Have a budget and stick to it!

Make a budget for your day, there is no point in designing a day which is completely beyond your financial means. There are ways of trimming the budget (eg. number of guests, style of catering, free bar/paying bar) so make sure you have a good idea of what you can afford.

Hatch Marquees Wedding To Do List

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Book the Essentials First

Once you have decided on the date, book the essentials first. It sounds silly but don’t plan the table your decorations if you don’t have a ceremony booked or your venue/marquee. Each year some weekends get booked up really quickly, so don’t get caught out. Ceremony, marquee, caterer, photographers/bands are key components and all need to be available on the same day! Once these are sorted you can start thinking about and all the other details.

Wedding Decorations

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Bring a Bit of Yourself to Your Day

What makes a wedding memorable? It’s all the personal touches, the little things that are about you both. Marquees allow you to making your day very individual and unique. They are a blank canvas for decorations and all the trimmings that make your day yours. Your friends and family will LOVE  sharing it with you.

Wedding Preparation Fun

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Have Fun!

Don’t get too hung up on the finer details if they are causing you stress. Enjoy the preparations; get your friends and family involved, to share the load, and make sure you have some fun along the way!

Whatever your ideas and whatever your style, a frame marquee makes a beautiful, versatile wedding venue. We have the experience and ‘know how’ to make sure that your marquee is just perfect for you.

Complete our contact form and we will send you some further information on marquee hire in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or West Dorset to get you started.  Happy Planning!

For even more ideas on decorating wedding marquees take a look at our pinterest  pages – there are a load of pictures just waiting to inspire you!


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