Our Clear Span Frame Marquees

Quality, style and range of equipment are key factors to providing marquees that  look awesome.  Our clear span frame marquees offer great versatility and flexibility for weddings of all sizes. Available in a range of widths (3m, 6m, 9m,12m and 15m) the marquees sit neatly in their own footprint without the need for guy ropes. This can be  helpful when tailoring a marquee to suit the number of guests, shape or size of a site. Clear Span Frame Marquees can be interlocked to cater for awkward shaped sites.  Likewise we can build separate spaces with different functions. For instance, marquees are positioned side by side to create a bar/reception area.  This is the perfect way to entertain guests before dining in the main marquee. Equally we can attach catering marquees, chill out areas, as well as providing marquee cover for toilets/cloakrooms etc.


Clear span marquees are incredibly resilient. This is worth considering if the location of your site is exposed or if you are holding your event in the Autumn or Winter months. Our marquees are directly secured into the ground with long pins and are built to withstand high wind speeds. Without doubt frame marquees are the most versatile of all marquees.  But versatility doesn’t mean that style is in anyway compromised. We invest in our marquees to offer the latest in marquee design and can offer a selection of straight or rounded end walls, white or spectacular clear roof panels. You can create a traditional or contemporary feel to your marquee. The options are endless.


The décor inside your marquee is equally important, whether you are looking for a formal or informal, classic or more modern style. Marquee linings are supplied either pleated or flat.  For a dramatic effect, we also offer black starcloth roof linings. Starcloth looks spectacular over a dance floor or throughout the marquee! Hatch Marquee Hire supplies furniture, bars and dance floors, basically everything you need for your marquee wedding venue. We have a range of stylish furnishings and will arrange and manage the installation of toilets and generators if required. This means that we’ll build you an amazing venue and get everything in place.  So that when you arrive you have a fantastic marquee venue ready to use.

Clear Span Frame Marquees

Further information

Wedding Marquee Designs

We have plenty of experience to be able to advise you about the layout of your wedding marquee. Before meeting up for a site visit, have a think about your plans for your day including table arrangements, style of catering (buffet, table service, festival style), number of guests, dancing, music etc This can help us come up with some marquee layouts and ideas for your day.

Site Visits & Booking

We always recommend site visits:

They enable you to meet us and get a feel for Hatch Marquee Hire, the service and marquee equipment we provide. We also like meeting you! We get to know you and how you want your venue to work.

We can show you our portfolio to illustrate all the different marquee options and furnishings that you can select for your marquee.

Importantly it also allows us to assess the site to ensure that you have sufficient space, good access and above all a suitable location for installing a marquee.

After your site visit we put together a comprehensive itemised estimate which makes it easy for you to work through and change any items, if you want to.

Then once you are happy you can confirm your booking with a 30% deposit payment and your marquee is booked!

Clear Span Marquees for Summer Weddings

Spring/Summer marquee weddings are lovely as you can completely open up your marquee to allow a cool breeze to circulate around the marquee.

Our clear window walls are ideal as they have a zip at each side which easily allows each window panel to be rolled up – so on a hot day you can enjoy the weather too!

To make the most of your marquee venue we can also provide decking to run alongside your marquee to form an outdoor seating area. In addition we can rig up outdoor festoon lighting on poles to provide some atmosphere & lighting to the outdoor space. It is a great way to make the most of a lovely view and enjoy your inside/outside venue!

Clear Span Marquees for Winter Wedding

Each year we supply a number of winter weddings and we love them. At this time of year we recommend a full wooden floor + carpet along with our marquee heaters to keep the space lovely and warm.

One of the advantages of having a winter marquee wedding is that you can be add loads of lighting effects which look spectacular, particularly with clear roof marquees. After all who doesn’t like a lot of twinkle!

For more information on Winter Weddings, take a look at our winter wedding page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I decorate the marquee?

Yes, yes yes! Decorating your marquee is what makes your wedding marquee or party marquee completely unique. We can provide some guidance on where and how to fix decorations to the structure but we would very much encourage you get creative whether you do this yourself or by using florists or other creatives!

If you are looking for ideas then we would suggest following our Instagram page along with our pinterest . We regularly update both with our latest images and it is a really good way of getting a feel for what works. We particularly recommend hanging decorations or floristry in the lofty roof space of the marquee.

Does my site need to be flat?

Ideally yes, however, we can provide wooden flooring which we can adjust to provide some levelling. Wooden floor can also be used for marquee hires where the ground might be level but is a bit uneven.

Our wooden floor and event carpet provides a really lovely finish to your wedding marquee and might be something that you would choose anyway. We generally provide a champagne coloured carpet but you can actually choose any colour you like!

Can a clear span marquee be connected to a building?

Yes! We can connect clear span marquees to existing buildings, again highlighting the versatility of clear span frame marquees. As they don’t have guy ropes they can be positioned alongside a building providing a near seamless connection between both spaces.

What size marquee do I need?

When it comes to marquee hire getting the right size of marquee is key.

If the marquee is too large it can really impact on the atmosphere, likewise you don’t want your wedding marquee to be too small and the space not accommodate all your guests. Obviously in the UK we have to be mindful of this as we aren’t always blessed with the perfect weather!

Sizing a marquee can be more of a challenge when you have a set number of guests for an afternoon reception with a large number of guests joining in the evening. But don’t worry we are use to this and have plenty of tricks we can use to ensure that you have the right size marquee for both day and evening guest numbers.

Generally a 3m x 3m space with seat 8-10 guests so from that you can calculate the seating area required – we then allow space for dance floors, bars, staging, buffet tables and sofas as required. For initial guidance on the size of marquee you require, take a look at our Marquee Hire Size Guide. Or if you want to have a chat about your event in more detail then please contact us.

When will my marquee be installed ?

For a Saturday marquee wedding/event we usually install our marquees on a Wednesday/Thursday leaving Friday for florists and caterers to get the finishing touches ready.

We would then remove the marquee on a Monday/Tuesday. Occasionally we remove marquees on a Sunday (with prior agreement) if it is a particularly busy week.

Most wedding marquees are installed in one day with usually between 6 – 8 riggers on site. For particularly large installations or tricky sites we may need to allocate more time, however, this is usually discussed during the site visit stage.