Being a popular tourist region, the South West has many businesses that benefit from the extra visitors that the holiday seasons bring. If you are looking to maximise revenue during these peak periods, then a marquee dining extension can offer a cost effective way of increasing capacity.

We supply our marquees to a number of restaurants so that they can take advantage of the additional customers, without having to rely on the hope of our good old British weather bringing out its best!

And when the weather isn’t so good, chances are that visitors will be looking for somewhere nice to eat so these opportunities can be made the most of!

A marquee dining extension can either be hired or purchased (particularly if a bespoke structure is required) and we are more than happy to visit your business for a site visit to discuss the suitability of each option. We can also offer packages to include winter storage and installation/dismantling of your own bespoke structure. Contact us today for more information.