To help give you an idea of what size marquee you will need for your event, we have produced the marquee size guide along with some sample estimates for the most popular sizes. The marquee size guide shows you the approximate capacities for different size marquees depending on the type of event that you are holding.

So take a look at the size of marquee you might require and then click on the relevant button to find your sample estimate. Although all this information is on hand, we would still love to hear from you to discuss your ideas for your Devon, Cornwall, Dorset or Somerset marquee hire.  So, give us a call or get in touch via our website – we love talking marquees!

Size (metres) Size (feet) Dining & Dance Floor Dining Standing
6m x 12m 20’x40′ / 70 90
6m x 15m 20’x50′ / 90 112
9m x 9m 30’x30′ / 60 100
9m x 12m 30’x40′ 40 80 135
9m x 15m 30’x50′ 50 100 168
9m x 18m 30’x60′ 70 130 202
9m x 21m 30’x70′ 90 160 236
12m x 18m 40’x60′ 90 180 270
12m x 21m 40’x70′ 110 210 315
12m x 24m 40’x80′ 140 240 360
12m x 27m 40’x90′ 170 270 405
12m x 30m 40’x100′ 200 300 450
15m x 27m 50’x90′ 230 360 506
15m x 30m 50’x100′ 270 400 562
15m x 33m 50’x110′ 310 440 618
15m x 36m 50’x120′ 350 480 674
15m x 39m 50’x130′ 390 520 730

Notes – Seating is based on 10 people sitting around a 5’6’’ table. We can also supply 5’ tables which seat 8 people.

For more information on the style of marquees that we supply take a look at  Our Marquees  and the Gallery which has plenty of photos.