Outdoor Wedding Games


We think outdoor wedding games can be a great additional to your marquee wedding and here’s why…

Having an outdoor wedding is fun!  Thanks to the stunning countryside and coastal areas, hosting a marquee wedding in Devon or Cornwall means you’ll have a beautiful backdrop to your day.  Therefore it makes sense that you want to be outside and enjoying your surroundings.

Entertain Guests

Whilst you’re having some post ceremony photographs your guests can enjoy a welcome drink and an outdoor game or two.  You can relax knowing that whilst you having a moment together, your guests will be happily entertained.

Great ‘Ice Breaker’

If you have family and friends arriving from all over the country then its likely that not everyone will know each other. Whilst they will all be there to join in the celebrations you can help get things going.  A few fun games can be a great ‘ice breaker’ and get guests mingling. Its always lovely to see different groups of friends mixing, getting on and having a great time.

Perfect Wedding Entertainment for Children

Wedding celebrations can be a long day for children. However, marquees are a great option if you are going to have a number of younger guests. There will undoubtedly be outdoor space for the kids to let of a bit of steam. So why not keep them entertained and get them mixing with other children with some games.  They can burn of a little energy and have fun too and they will love playing with their favourite Uncles, Aunts & Grandparents too.

Great Photo Opportunities

If you’re wanting relaxed, natural photos then having some games can be a great way of catching some fun moments.  In addition, everyone will be so engaged with what they’re doing they won’t notice  being captured on film.

Over the years we have seen plenty of fun outdoor wedding games that brides and grooms have made part of their wedding day.  So whatever you do you can be sure that your guests will get involved.

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