Clear Roof Marquees

When it comes to creating a unique space for a marquee wedding or party marquee then our clear roof marquees are the perfect choice. Clear roofs marquees create an impressive light, airy, stylish space. They also put you in the heart of your scenery enabling you to maximise a beautiful beach or countryside view, a stunning building or surrounding elegant trees. All these features become very much part of your day.


Fully clear roof marquees look amazing both inside and out and can definitely create a ‘wow’ factor. However we can combine both clear and white roofs. This can be a good way of defining different spaces within a marquee. For instance, you can have a lined marquee over your dining area and clear roof over the reception /bar areas or dancefloors – perfect for dancing the night away under the stars!


There are plenty of arrangements to choose from. We can also supply clear roof rounded ends to our marquees which can be positioned as an additional space on the side of a marquee (we call this a reception bubble!). Alternatively, you can create a more contemporary twist on a lined marquee by adding a clear gable end. It is a great way of allowing more light into your marquee and again taking in your surroundings.


Clear roof marquees are definitely a feature worth considering for your marquee. During a site visit we will look at your space, discuss how we could position your marquee to take in any views of features and importantly, chat through how you would like to use the space for your wedding or party. We’ll then work with you to come up with a layout the works for your site and your ideas!

Clear Roof Marquees

Further information

Clear Roof Marquee Layouts

Like all of our clear span marquees, our clear roof marquees can be arranged in a numerous layouts depending on guest numbers, available space and your own requirements.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the different layouts and combinations is to look at the images of past installations. They might not be exactly the same size as the marquee you will need, however, they will give you a feel for how your marquee could look both inside and out!

Get in touch and we can chat through chat through your ideas for your day and get your wedding plans underway.

Decorating a Clear Roof Marquee

This is the fun bit! Adding some decoration to the roof space of a clear roof marquee is really worth it. Hanging floristry, lanterns, roof drapes all add interest and atmosphere to the space. It is also worth thinking about the difference between day and night as naturally the space is going to take on a different ambiance in the evening.

Decorative lighting looks amazing in a clear roof marquee adding a subtle affect during the day and then a complete twinklefest by night! External MBI lights can be added to buildings and trees to create an interesting backdrop to the setting too.

For ideas and inspiration on how you might like to add decorations to your clear roof marquee take a look at our on page gallery and follow us on instragram or pinterest where we are always posting our most up to date photos.

Why are Clear Roof Marquees so Good

One feature that often gets overlooked is that clear roofs and windows enable you to be connected with your surroundings, whether that is a view, building or gardens.

We love these marquees for this reason. We often get told by clients that they want to feel like they are outside with the security of a covering in case the weather isn’t perfect. Well, that is exactly what a clear roof marquee and clear windows gives you.

Afterall, you don’t want to miss out on that lovely view just because you can’t see through the walls of your marquee. Enjoy the views all day and night!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size marquee do I need?

When it comes to marquee hire getting the right size of marquee is key. If the marquee is too large it can really impact on the atmosphere, likewise you don’t want your wedding marquee to be too small and the space not accommodate all your guests. Obviously in the UK we have to mindful of this as we aren’t always blessed with the perfect weather!
Sizing a marquee can be more of a challenge when you have a set number of guests for an afternoon reception with a large number of guests joining in the evening. But don’t worry we are use to this and have plenty of tricks we can use to ensure that you have the right size marquee for both day and evening guest numbers.
Generally a 3m x 3m space with seat 8-10 guests so from that you can calculate the seating area required – we then allow space for dancefloors, bars, staging, buffet tables and sofas as required.

For initial guidance on the size of marquee you require, take a look at our Marquee Hire Size Guide. Or if you want to have a chat about your event in more detail then please contact us

Can you open the windows?

Yes, our clear windows are really easy to open up. Each window has a zip at each side which when undone allows the window to be rolled up. So it is really manageable to open and close windows on the day to allow air flow around the marquee.

Are clear roof marquees made of glass?

We often get asked if we supply glass marquees and that’s probably because in some images you just can’t tell if it is glass or not! However, all our clear roof marquees are in fact a clear PVC.We have to take extra care with our clear roofs and windows. Therefore, after each marquee hire roofs and windows are completely cleaned – you can’t have any streaks interfering with a view!

Does it get hot in a clear roof marquee ?

Yes, a clear roof marquee can get hot but this can also be managed. Firstly, on a warm day the window walls can be rolled up to maximise air flow around the marquee. If the site is surrounded by tall trees or buildings this can also create some shade during the day. Otherwise you might want to consider the combination option where we supply a lined marquee over the dining area and then clear roofs for reception/bar/dance areas. It is all very workable so get in touch and we can chat through the options.