Marquee Venues… Location, Location, Location!

If you would like to have a marquee wedding, what makes a suitable site? Well firstly, a space that suits you, whether it is your family home, a friend’s field, a marquee venue with beautiful gardens or a site with a fantastic view. From our point of view the most suitable marquee venue sites have good access, no overhead electricity cables and a nice level site. However, it’s not all about us! We have erected marquees at plenty of sites which don’t fit into these categories and have made fantastic locations for a special celebration.

So, if your perfect venue is on a sloping site all is not lost, as some levelling can be achieved with a structural wooden floor or a raised platform can be built and the marquees erected on top. Such a platform was built for a wedding at a private residence on a beautiful tidal estuary in South Devon. The end result was quite spectacular. With a walkway leading to the garden party reception area, cloakrooms and a full dining marquee with a balcony to overlook the river views. Without doubt a marquee can really offer the wow factor!

And if you don’t have any green space are there other options available? Yes, of course. Across the South West there are many established venues that cater for marquee events and more recently we have seen the addition of landowners who hire out field sites. These sites often have spectacular views offering a stunning visual backdrop to your celebrations. Hatch Marquee Hire has a number of venue and field sites listed on our website including country houses, hotels, specialist wedding venues, field sites with coastal views and a fabulous beach venue; great if you are looking for something a bit different! Why not take a look here

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