Choosing Your Wedding Marquee Supplier – What You Need To Know!

You are planning your wedding…Congratulations! Now you need to start the process of choosing your wedding marquee supplier.

So, what should you be looking for from a marquee supplier? Let us give you a bit of a helping hand, to get you started…


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Do a bit of Online Research!

It sounds obvious but do your research on line,  there’s loads of information right at your finger tips. It is a great starting point for homing in on your preferred marquee supplier.  Check out websites, social media, google reviews, facebook reviews and have a look at recent photos of their marquee events. You can tell a lot from a photo gallery and instagram/facebook accounts.

Contact the Company

Get in touch, either by email or phone with the supplier directly.  How quickly do they respond to your enquiry? Life will be busy on the run up to your wedding and getting hold of your suppliers is important.  You don’t want to waste time chasing them. Hatch Marquee Hire has an office manned Monday to Friday 9am – 4.30pm so you can always contact us to ask any questions.  You don’t want everyone to be out on site when you want to chat through arrangements for your day.

Ask for a brochure, price list or guide pricing so you can get a feel for the costs involved.  You will need to give some guide details like; location, number of guests, dining with a dining floor or dining only, catering tent etc. to get things started.

Site Visits

Once you are ready the next step is to have a site visit.  We ALWAYS recommend a site visit.

A site visit is a really vital part of the process. It enables you to meet the faces behind the company that will supply the venue for your big day. That feels pretty important to us.

A marquee wedding is so unique and that’s probably one of the key reasons why you are choosing this option.  It means that you get a purpose built venue which you can decorate with your own personal touches.  You need your marquee supplier to understand your requirements, to give you ideas and show you all the options.

Have a list of questions to ask, such as;

Do you supply furniture, dance floors, staging, etc

Do you supply and arrange additional services, like toilets, generators

When will the marquee be installed and dismantled?

How long will the marquee take to install?

How do you ensure that your marquees and equipment are clean?

Is the marquee and hired equipment insured whilst it is on site?

Do you have a staffed office so we can contact you with any queries?

Are your riggers permanent or seasonal staff?

What happens next?  Make sure you understand the booking process, deposits and when the final payments are to be made.

Can you make any changes to your booking once you have paid your deposit?

All these questions can help you establish the right marquee company for you.

At Hatch Marquees we have many years of experience.  We have operational structures in place so we can install several marquees each week. We have a brilliant team, both in the office and on site.  Our processes are in place to ensure that we get each marquee looking it’s best.  We are there to support you through the process and create an awesome marquee.

Getting your Estimate & Drawings?

You should received an estimate for your marquee hire which reflects the conversations you had during your site visit,  along with a drawing of the layout of your marquee.  This really helps you to visualise the space available in your marquee venue.  Make sure that all the items you need are included, marquees, catering tents, furniture, lighting, dance floors, heaters, generators, toilets etc.

At Hatch Marquee Hire we send itemised estimates so you can see exactly what each item costs. This can really help if you need to tweak things to make it work within your budget.  It also means you can check each item to make sure it is included in your booking.

Comparing Estimates

Comparing estimates can be really difficult as it is hard to know if you are comparing ‘like for like’.  There is a huge range of marquee styles and quality/robustness can vary greatly. Therefore, it can be a bit misleading on paper as to how they might differ.

Remember that your marquee is your wedding venue so choose the company that is going to give you the best marquee for your budget. Of course it isn’t just about the marquees being ‘like of like’ and the bottom line. It is also just as important to make a decision based on the service that you are going to receive from booking to installation. In our experience this counts for a lot. You want to feel confident that your supplier is going to be available and ready to listen to any queries you might have a long the way and deliver a great venue.

Caterers are often a good source of information too, as they are the ones who work in range of marquees from different suppliers. They will be able to give you comprehensive feedback on which marquee companies they might recommend.

Decision Made!

Choosing Your Wedding Marquee Supplier


Once you have made the decision and paid your deposit you can be happy that you have got the venue booked for your wedding day! Make sure you have all the paperwork for your booking and perhaps set a date in your diary a little nearer your event date for checking through all the details again. At Hatch Marquee Hire we will be in contact with you a few weeks before your event to finalise arrangements and check any tweaks you might want to make to your booking eg. chair and table numbers.

Now that you have ticked your marquee off your list, it’s all about planning the rest of the day….good luck and enjoy!

Get In Touch

Get in touch with us if you would like more information about hiring a Hatch Marquee Hire for your wedding day or special occasion.   We love talking marquees and are happy to send sample pricing, brochures etc. For more guidance and ideas on decorating your wedding marquee take a look at out blog page where there is a whole help of articles to browse through along with Meet the Team where you can meet some of the faces behind Hatch Marquee Hire.




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