Top Tips for Hanging Decorations

Hanging Decorations in Your Marquee

Hanging decorations in the lofty roof space of the marquee is one of the best ways to decorate. It adds colour and atmosphere which combined with fairy or festoon lighting transforms the marquee from day to night. To give you a little help along the way, we have some guidance notes on hanging decorations in our marquees.

Download our guide for Hanging Decorations here.


Bunting can be hung from the ridge of the marquee to the top of the side walls. It is up to you as to how many lines of bunting you wish to put up.  It can also be hung along the top of the walls throughout the marquee. Based on the size of your marquee you will need to calculate how much bunting you will need.  Remember to ensure an allowance to enable the bunting to hang rather than being taut.


The key measurement that you will need is from the top of the wall to the ridge of the marquee.

–  For a 9m width marquee allow 5.5m from the top of the wall to the ridge (this measurement has an allowance for the bunting to hang).

–  For a 12m width marquee allow 7m from the top of the wall to the ridge (this measurement has an allowance for the bunting to hang.)

Allow some extra length to for tying the bunting to the metal framework of the marquee.  Please don’t pin or sew any bunting strings to the marquee linings as this damages them.

 Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns can be hung from ribbon or wiring of various lengths creating a fantastic decorative feature. There are a few options as to how to attach these to the marquee

–  Lanterns can be hung from the metal framework which can be accessed every 3m along the length of the marquee.

–  We can supply you with clips enabling you to hang your paper lanterns from the marquee linings. Please do not pin any items to the linings themselves as this will damage them

–  Lanterns can be hung on long lengths of ribbon or fishing wire (which can’t be seen) and then hung from the ridge to the top of the wall.

We are happy to assist with hanging bunting and paper lanterns on the day that we erect the marquee.  Please let us know prior to installation so that we can allow some time for this in our schedule and have a bit of a plan as to what you would like to do!

Flower Balls

Flower installations look fantastic hung from the ridge of the marquee – see the diagram below to get a feel for the hanging points within the marquee.

Hanging Larger Structures

With regards to hanging foliage structures and lighting it really does look amazing!  We don’t supply rigs as everyone wants something different. However, we can assist with hanging structures if they are available on the day that we build the marquee. We can of course supply sockets and make sure they are put in the right place for any lighting.

Clients have been really creative with these structures using ladders, wooden poles or making square wooden frames which are hung from the purlins. We do need to make sure that you don’t come across any problems when suspending structures – so please follow the guidelines below:

–  If your marquee is lined:  structures can be suspended from the metal work of the marquee on the ridge and purlins which can be accessed every 3m (length ways).

–  Any structure must not  exceed 10kg per 3m purlin.

–  If your marquee is unlined: structures can be suspended from the metal work of the marquee along the ridge and purlins. Any structure must not exceed 10kg per 3m purlin.

–  We can supply either 16amp Cee Form sockets or standard 13amp sockets for power if you are adding your own lighting to the structure.

–  Once you have homed in on what you would like to do, just let us know and we can make sure it is going to work when it comes to hanging it!

Hanging DecorationsNeed Ideas?

For ideas and inspiration with bunting, paper lanterns and flower balls and hanging foliage structures, take a look at our Pinterest pages.

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